Our Story

Flour Child is owned and run by Emilee Rivers of Boise, Idaho.

Emilee first discovered her passion for caking during her senior year of high school after she created the cakes for her little cousins' birthday. After all of the guests at the party commented on her natural talent for working with cake, she began to look into it as a profession. Once some searching was done she discovered Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, AZ  and found that it was the perfect match for her. Not only did she get to study cakes, but breads, pastries, desserts and much more! During school she thrived, eager to learn all she could while also taking online classes on her own in between school and working as a baker at a Fox Concepts restaurant. She soon realized that she had a niche for not only cakes, but sugar flowers as well.  So after finishing school Emilee went off to San Diego to further her knowledge from the amazingly talented ladies at Cake. Not only did they teach her to perfect her cake skills, but they taught her how to run a successful custom cake studio. During her time there she also got the opportunity to fly to Florida to learn from Giovanna of SAS, who pushed her flower making skills to a whole new level. 

Now back to Idaho. Emilee graduated from culinary school, finished up her time in San Diego and moved back to Idaho to bring her passion back to Boise. Through school, work, passion, and persistence Flour Child came to be. We are beyond excited to share what we love with the people who have supported us the most. So here we are Boise, bringing you something unique that we are sure you will all love!! 


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